Adventure Forward 1: Star Savior

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Adventure Forward 1: Star Savior
Not the best way to start off a series, but not the worst way to start off a series either.
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC, Mobile.
Created: May 2014
Creator: mh:garbagerobloxgames:Explode1

Adventure Forward 1: Star Savior is a Roblox game created by mh:garbagerobloxgames:Explode1, along with a few other users that helped with the game during its production. The game is about the player collecting Stars to attempt to stop Stratosfear from taking over the world.


One night in 2014, a mysterious figure named Stratosfear caused The Starfall by smashing all of the Stars out of the sky and has also imprisoned the citizens of Maytown, and it's up to the Star Savior (Or just the player) to stop Stratosfear from taking over the world. Later on, in World 5, The Clocktower, the player can see how the player's homeland, Maytown, was like back in 1984, and how it could possibly be like in 2044 if the player were to fail to stop Stratosfear from taking over the world.

Good Qualities

  1. The thumbnail is okay, and for the time, it's a decent thumbnail, although there are other games that released around the same time as this game with arguably better thumbnails such as A ROBLOX Quest: Elements of Robloxia.
  2. The simplistic graphics look very cute and are different from how most Roblox adventure look.
  3. The game doesn't lag that much, even when the graphics are set to 10, with a few exceptions such as the majority of Sweet Skies.
  4. The music is pretty nice and has a ton of Kirby songs in it, and while there are a few songs that try to be edgy throughout the soundtrack, it's not to the point of where it gets cringey/cheesy, with those songs managing to fit with where they're played at, unlike the sequel.
  5. The checkpoint system is pretty neat, since that it requires the player to walk in a specific area to obtain a checkpoint.
  6. The respawning time is pretty quick, as it only takes 0.50 seconds to get the player respawned, which helps keep the pace of the game steady.
  7. The hub world is a pretty neat area to traverse through. The player starts off by being outside of Maytown, and they are only limited to Whistling Woods, the tutorial house, and a secret stage behind the tutorial house. Once the player has collected at least 1 Star, the player will gain access to Maytown itself, where they're allowed to explore different areas of Maytown to have a better view of Maytown and its surroundings, find secret stages for more Stars, and NPC's to talk to.
  8. This game introduces the Bugs that are average enemies that charge towards the player, and take a bite out of their health, and if they bite the player 3 times if the player has full health, they will kill the player. They require two hits on their backs to kill them, and they retreat back to their spawning positions once they get hit the first time. However, these only appear in Whistling Woods and in The Clocktower, and not very often either, especially in the latter world.
  9. The game does have a few interesting mechanics that are utilized for certain Stars in the game, such as using a Dash Pepper to speed through steep slopes to reach a Star, or using a Forcefield to become immune to a death pit in Vintage Voltage.
  10. The original version of this game had a total of 51 Stars to collect, and the re-released version adds an additional 29 Stars as well, which means that the re-released version has a total of 80 Stars to collect.
  11. The re-released version of the game adds multiple Red Stars that are hidden in a few spots that players are allowed to collect, the early hub world for the original game, Trap Town, along with a few extra levels to obtain more Stars.
  12. Out of the entire Adventure Forward trilogy, this game doesn't really try to be that edgy at all, making it the least edgiest game out of the Adventure Forward trilogy, and the only bits of the game that try to be edgy are only the final world, Shadows in the Sky, along with the post-game mission in the re-released version of this game.
  13. The game became open source (uncopylocked) in its last major update, which allows for players to fix the game if it breaks again. However, it also led to a few major issues outside of the game itself which will be talked about later.

Bad Qualities

  1. There's four plot holes, with all of them being explained here:
    • In the secret ending of the game, the player is revealed to be a past and uncorrupted version of Stratosfear, and in the rereleased version of this game, Cyalm can be seen for a few milliseconds trapping the player in the post-game mission. In the game after this game, it is also revealed that Cyalm was Celesteal all along, and that he only wanted Stars to gain Celestial Power. Since that the player has every Star at this point in the game, then why didn't Cyalm just gain the Celestial Power from the player's Stars in this game instead of trapping the player (Stratosfear) and waiting 300 years later just to attempt to get Celestial Power from other Stars?
    • In the second game, right after Stratosfear tells everyone that he was the First Star Savior all along, Stratosfear claims that Anshine was their best friend in this game, despite both of their memories being wiped when they both got turned into Points.
    • One of the Angels at Star Sanctuary in the second game mentions how Stratosfear asked Anshine to be Maytown's mayor, but later in the game, Strastofear says how after he told Anshine (before he was turned into a Point) about being the mayor, he was turned into a Point, even though when Robloxians get turned into Points, all of their previous memories get wiped.
    • In the second game, Stratosfear somehow remembers the time loop and even remembered how many time loops it was, despite being told that before he got turned into a Point, and when Robloxians are turned into Points, they lose all of their previous memories.
  2. The plot is just your generic "Oh no, an evil guy has taken over your home, now you must stop him". While that's normally fine if there's enough content added to the story, this game doesn't have that much to offer for the story, since the most that is added onto the story is that Stratosfear is a future version of the player, just corrupted (or something similar).
  3. On mobile, the Erase Data button is very close to the analog stick, which can cause some players to accidentally erase their data on mobile.
  4. The gameplay is cluttered with walking and with a lot of the same exact or identical jumping as well, and while there are a few timed and moving obstacles scattered around throughout the game, some of them actually manage to slow down and damage the pacing of the game, since a few of them are unnecessarily slow, with the worst competitors being a majority of the timed and moving obstacles in World 5, The Clocktower.
  5. This game introduced the infamous Bully Bots that only die when they're bashed into a death pit and can cause players to get flung to a random area and sometimes into death as well. They also make noise when they walk, which gets annoying to listen to.
  6. A few of the mesh obstacles and GUI obstacles have box hitboxes, which can cause some really cheap deaths.
  7. The worlds don't feel very original, and some of them feel like they were ripped from Super Mario 64 such as The Clocktower
  8. As stated earlier in GQ #3, some sections of the game such as Sweet Skies are really laggy, which will require the player to stop for a moment to lower their graphics down, which does damage the pacing of the game a little bit.
  9. The two boss fights are really easy, and they both don't really require a strategy to beat them, although they're not as easy as the second game's boss fights.
  10. (SPOILER ALERT) The post-game mission in the re-released version of this game is really anticlimactic. All that the player gets is a long path to walk down, only to then get the leaderboard and even the chat itself taken away from them. A bit later on, the player can collect Stratosfear's Symbol, and then the player is forced to leave the game. Was there something wrong with just adding a script to teleport back to the main hub world? The original version of this game might have not had the post-game mission since it was released three years earlier than Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict, but the re-released version of the game was released three years after Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict, and Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict had an entire world to traverse through for its post-game mission, so the developers were most certainly able to add more than just some dialogue, a path to walk down for the player to obtain Stratosfear's Symbol, and taking away the leaderboard and the chat from the player.
  11. The original version of this game by Explode1 is now permanently closed due to his termination.
  12. As stated earlier, despite the benefits of the game being uncopylocked, this led to plenty of Adventure Forward fan games being created, which are considered as continuing Explode1's legacy. These fan games also completely go against the wishes of Explode1's victims, who want Adventure Forward to be forgotten about and left alone.
  13. As of today, the game's music doesn't play, making the game completely silent. This is due to the music being copyrighted.


  • For a little while, the trailer for the original game was taken down during some point in 2021, but was later put back up around or during July or August of 2021.
  • The original version of this game was successful enough to have Roblox themselves review this game, with the video of the review being available below here.
  • Due to the re-released version of this game receiving no more updates, it became uncopylocked on March 27th of 2022



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