Car Crushers 2

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Car Crushers 2
You may think that Car Crushers 2 exploded in popularity to beat Adopt Me!? No way!
Genre: All
Platforms: PC, Phone, Tablet, Console
Created: February 11, 2017
Creator: Car crushers official group

Car Crushers 2 is a game made by Panwellz. It is the sequel of the first game, Car Crushers. The game includes a massive destruction facility where players can destroy vehicles in a variety of ways, earning money to unlock increasingly exotic vehicles, and earning parts to unlock increasingly crazy ways of destroying vehicles. There is also a derby mode in which players can crash their vehicles into each other in weird and wacky environments.

Why It Rocks

  1. Over 243+ vehicles to unlock.
  2. Beautiful graphics.
  3. Good soundtrack, such as The Will to Fight, The Chase, See You In Hell, Mindwinder, etc.
  4. There is PVP mode, you can crash against others in the facility.
  5. There is also Derby Arenas, you pick a skill and then you teleport to crash against others.
  6. Explosion imminent, evacuate the facility immediately
  7. You can change your own chat color or the secondary title.
  8. Everything is custom made.

Bad Qualities

  1. The psychics aren't a little aged well, despite of the graphics being beautiful.
  2. Derby Arenas are frustrating for newer players, excluding beginner servers.
  3. Limited customization, you cannot change your trims or add any spoilers.
  4. The 2x Juggernaut pass is useless, you are still not able to be a juggernaut.
  5. Some ridicilously high prices for some cars, such as Toyota Supra.
  6. Tokens. They are simply a rebirth sistem which unlocks more vehicles. The problem is you need to start again from beginning.