Catalog Heaven

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Catalog Heaven
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Battle it out!
Genre: All Genres
Platforms: PC
Created: May 8, 2010
Creator: Sky Studios

Catalog Heaven is a 2010 sandbox game developed by Seranok and Quenty from Sky Studios. The game allows you to pick any gear to test them out and customize your clothing and accessories. After a major update, certain gears have been banned due to being overpowered and abused by players. There is also VIP available. The game currently has 366K+ likes and 57K+ dislikes.

Why It Rocks

  1. The game allows you use any gear you want to test it out and battle with your friends, which is very fun especially considering that gears were heavily declining in ROBLOX games. You can also customize your avatar.
  2. Since you can use any gear you want to, it is satisfying to kill players with your gear.
  3. The game has banned overpowered gears, most notably the teapot turret, this is a good thing since players don't have to abuse them so much and ruin the experience.
    • There are a few gears that aren't banned, but they require VIP.
  4. The VIP is very cheap, only costing 15 robux, and it already gives you tons of new stuff.
    • It gives you a VIP T-Shirt.
    • It gives you a dummy to test your gears on.You can customize the dummy too.
    • It gives you access to VIP-required gears.
    • It also comes with a forcefield potion.
  5. The game has a lot of maps that are from the Classic ROBLOX era, which gives a heavy nostalgic feel.
  6. You can open and close your base so you don't have to worry about other people breaking in and spawn-killing you.

Bad Qualities

  1. Some gears don't work properly anymore, such as the Speed Coil, which gives you the same amount of speed as normal.


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