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Welcome to the Perfection Roblox Games Wiki

From the best Roblox Place to awesome users, even great things. This wiki was especially for Roblox players to like them about everything that is good on this site. For the negative side, visit Garbage Roblox Games Wiki.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Unlike Garbage Roblox Games Wiki, there is the only one heading was Why It Rocks. Why It Rocks is for games which have a lot of good qualities.
    • As of 6-27-2018, it's okay to make your own headings on article as long as you didn't used and replace it to original.
  2. Besides the headers stated above, writing any game mechanics is completely optional.
  3. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a warning.
  4. Because of the fact that the wiki was made to show the bad qualities of a game targeted towards younger audience, many of the pages will be protected, until the wiki gets bigger to avoid vandalism.
  5. Vandalism is not tolerated. Expect 2-month, 6-month or higher, if you do so.
  6. Do not create pages from games which aren't on Roblox.
  7. Also do not create a page if the game is bad. Except a reminder, if you do so.
  8. If you see any flaws of any good games in Roblox, please leave a comment on page, and we're edit it.
  9. Refrain your swearing on pages, unless it is used in a quote or is basically important. Swearing in the comments is fine as long as it isn't used to offend others.
  10. You can create anything about Roblox, may it be users, YouTubers, places, good moments etc. As long the thing is good, then it can stay on the wiki.
  11. Reason for deleted comments are: Poor grammar, malicious propaganda, harassing others, insulting, if the comment makes no sense, or edit request.
  12. It's highly recommended to add a picture, or Roblox Infobox with a picture to a page you're making.
  13. Do not ask for admin.
  14. If you use a sockpuppet and you were banned, you will be banned on your sockpuppet account too.