Speed Run 4

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Speed Run 4
Where's Speed Run 3?
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Created: October 20, 2014
Creator: Vurse

Speed Run 4 is a 2014 high-speed platforming game developed by Vurse. You have to speed run through 31 levels in total, hence the name. The levels get more difficult as you advance through the game. As of April 2021, the game currently has 685K+ likes and 202K+ dislikes.

Why It Rocks

  1. Total of 31 levels to advance!
    • The game has high amount of variety. It has grasslands, deserts, stone, ice, snow, lava, and then even a candy land!
  2. As the name suggests, the game has a great sense of speed.
  3. It uses custom animations that make you feel like you are really running.
    • Also, it has a custom tilt feature that pushes the ROBLOX engine to its limits.
  4. This game is mainly an obby, but is divided into unique levels and has collectible cards. For the most part, it has a high speed, so it won't look like those common obbies.
  5. The levels' music sounds really good. (until the copyright update).
  6. It also spawned a lot of different mods (both first-party and third-party).
  7. Good graphics.
  8. The levels get harder as you progress, but it never seems impossible.
    • While Level 27 and 28 are the hardest levels in the game, if you use first-person view, it is much easier.
  9. There's also an unlockable level 32 that is truly the hardest level in the entire game (Sadly, it costs 1K robux).

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfortunately, a recent major update has changed the old music in the levels to royalty-free music due to copyright, so now the music is easily forgotten and does not match the levels at all.
    • Even before the major update, Level 21's also changed to royalty-free music.
  2. Other than giving you badges, the collectible cards aren't really useful.
  3. There's gamepasses where you have to pay to use gravity and speed coils, but there's a third-party mod where you can get a free gravity coil, so buying the gamepasses are useless.


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