Super Blocky Ball

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Super Blocky Ball
Mario Kart + Marbles = This game.
Genre: All Genres
Platforms: PC
Created: June 21th of 2014
Creator: Maelstronomer

Super Blocky Ball is a 2014 Roblox game created by Maelstronomer. The game is based around racing through tracks in a marble against fifteen other marble contestants.

Why It Rocks

  1. The concept of racing in a marble makes for not only controls that are as good as kart racing games but also makes the physics fun and bouncy. You have to gain momentum while progressively rolling faster in a marble until you gain max speed, which is comparable to said games, like Mario Kart 8.
  2. Great level design that take good use of marble controls which makes them not too challenging but not so easy either. There are even shortcuts with boosts you can take that increases your marble speed quickly.
  3. The lobby is fun and can be used for training and testing your skills. The peak of the fun is the loop-de-loop!
  4. Plenty of skins you can customize your marble to be, from a pumpkin to a piranha plant, and guess what? they're all FREE! Save for unlockable ones.
  5. This game even has a custom track creator, allowing for multiple players to make their own tracks for the game.
  6. One of the tracks, Shedletsky's Castle, has multiple cool nods to a classic Roblox game, Sword Fight On The Heights.
  7. Decent soundtrack made by Virtuo System.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Some tracks can be too short.
    • This is also mentioned from the CTGP version, as some tracks only have two laps, making them short.


The game was very positively received when it first released and as time went on. As of June 2021, the game currently has 77K+ likes and 10K+ dislikes.



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